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Our History
1986 - Prestige Electronic Data Services (PEDS) started out as a developer of Desktop Pedigree Software and issued their first system the "Pedigree Analysis System" (PAS) in 1986. The founders were Mr Steve Tillotson (support/sales/marketing) and his friend of 30 years Mr Gareth Hawkes (design/programming). Originally written for the MS.DOS computer environment the MS.DOS system was superceded in 1991 by a new version for Windows (3.1) and renamed the "Kennel Club Breed System as an enhanced version for the United Kingdom Kennel Club. KCBS was further updated in 1995 with the release of Windows 95. PEDS continued to update the product, and adapt to the new versions of Microsoft Windows through to Windows XP. The final version of KCBS was produced in 2005 and the product was retired shortly thereafter. In between these dates, PEDS also developed a new registration system for the Malta Kennel Club which was delivered in 2003

Herebelow are screen shots of the entry screens for the various versions 1986 - 2005

In 1999 the founder of PEDS, Mr Steve Tillotson, moved permanently to California, USA where he continued to operate PEDS/KCBS and service its large worldwide customer base. In 2003 Mr Tillotson founded a new business "Omacoms" initially established to provide a wide range of I.T. consultancy and management information services (B2B). The focus of Omacoms today is on providing hosted web services, including live auction systems as well as electronic publishing of on-line magazines and e-books.

PEDS continues its leadership and innovation legacy in 2012 by leading Omacoms live auctions into the UK and the rest of Europe.

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